Is this your First Time Visit to the SWCAA Website?

Welcome to our newly revised web site. Our previous site came online in 1998. The original design was altered to the previous design several years later.

The new site has been given a face-lift and the organization and content of the site has been improved. We hope the new "open" look makes it easy for you to find the content you need.

It is always a challenge when companies change their websites to find what you need. This is especially true when you are used to finding content in a particular location. The search box at the top of the Home Page may assist you in finding the content you need or you can use our handy Site Map page to reference most of the pages by main navigation category.

Feel free to let us know if you like or don't like the new format by submitting your comments on our online Contact Us Form.

Home Page

Our home page has been simplified.

  • The top header identifies the company and provides search, payment and navigation tools
  • A rich photograph provides a backdrop to welcome you to our home page
  • Scrolling text provides you with important Notices and Information
  • The home page also has a graphic to show current air quality
  • The all-important answer to the question "Can I Burn?" is answered by our Interactive Burn Map
  • A set of colorful boxes provide quick-link access to most-used resources
  • The latest programs and features are listed along with news, events and clean air tips

Fluid Design

Our site is designed to be viewed on Personal Computers, tablets and smart phones. The pages reorient themselves to the screen size available on your device.

Site Navigation

Newly reorganized site navigation provides easy access to our web pages. In addition most pages have a "bread crumb" area that reveals the navigation levels to get to the page that is displayed. Click on one of the bread crumbs to move to another level.

  • Two-way navigation is provided:
    • Mouse over a main navigation link located at the top of a page to view a pull-down menu of items associated with that link
    • Click on a main navigation link to view an index page that contains a more precise list of links for that category
  • Main Navigation Link categories include:
    • Burning - Can I Burn interactive map, Air Quality, Complaints, Permits, Rules and Tips
    • Asbestos - Testing and remediation contractors lists, Notification forms, Case Searches, Rules, and Guidance
    • Permits - Permit Application forms, lists and reports
    • Regulations - SWCAA enforceable Regulations, Washington State Programs, and other related topics
    • e-Info - Electronic Information: Lists and searches, usage forms, information requests
    • Forms - online and fillable-pdf forms
    • Pollutants - Lists and reports that detail air pollutants
    • Resources - Contractor, business assistance, web links, regulation information
    • Fees - Make a payment or view fee schedule
    • Agency - Agency mission and history, contact information, subject matter index, board and staff list, studies and reports, and events and notices

Main Content

The central part of the home page and all other pages contains the content of that page. This may consist of additional links, topic descriptions, data on pollutants or facilities, diagrams or photos. Some pages contain little content, others are extensive in detail. Use your scroll bar or mouse wheel to view all content on a page.


Most pages have a footer at the bottom of the page. This area contains:

  • Quick Links to many popular pages
  • Information how to contact the agency and our hours of operation
  • Public Information links
  • SWCAA Information links