Outdoor Burning

Residential burning and land clearing burning are permanently banned in all Washington State urban growth areas    ...    Burn barrels are illegal: they were banned in Washington state April of 2000.                     

Outdoor burning can create health hazards for many people living within our counties. SWCAA focuses on creating a safe, breathable environment for the citizens of Southwest Washington State. We monitor air quality for both industry and the private sectors. We believe that everyone has a part in keeping our air clean and healthy.

For Burning Information click on one of our links in the Can I Burn section below or call SWCAA at 360-574-3058. During after-office hours call our Burn Line at 360-574-0057 (office hours are 7:00 am to 5:30 pm, Monday-Friday).

Although a Burn Ban may not be in effect, there are restrictions in what types of burning are permitted. See our Interactive Burn Map for accurate burning information for your address.

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