Other Agency Reports

J. L. Storedahl - Yacolt Mountain Quarry Erionite Sampling

Vancouver, WA Switchyard Locomotive Idle Reduction Project

Aplastic Anemia Report

"Investigation of Aplastic Anemia in Relation to Concerns about Exposure to Benzene from a Chemical Plant," Cowlitz County, Washington and Columbia County, Oregon. August 2006 - December 2007. Executive Summary (PDF) or Final Report (PDF)

State Review Framework Report

State Review Framework (SRF) oversight reviews of the Washington Department of Ecology, Puget Sound Clean Air Agency , and Southwest Clean Air Agency were conducted in 2012 by EPA Region 10 enforcement staff. In addition, the '2009 Regional NPDES Program Review for EPA Region 10' report dated January 13, 2011, was reviewed by EPA Region 10 permitting and enforcement staff to determine any overlapping issues between permitting and enforcement. View Report (PDF)

Climate Change

A group of U.S. and United Kingdom scientists has released a new non-technical report presenting the latest climate research for policy makers, educators and the interested public.

The report is intended to serve as a generally accessible guide to the more technical and specialized scientific research underlying the climate change debate. Summaries of well-settled climate issues are included alongside areas that are more uncertain. For example, the authors point to the strong scientific consensus that human-caused climate change is occurring, but note that the correlation between climate change and extreme weather as well as the likely extent of future sea-level rise are both less well understood at this time.

The report, entitled Climate Change: Evidence and Causes, was authored jointly by the U.S. National Academy of Sciences and the U.K. Royal Society can be read by clicking here.