Asbestos Notification Forms

• Notice of Intent to Remove Asbestos  PDF
Required for asbestos removal. The removal shall performed by a Certified Asbestos Removal Contractor or homeowner occupying the residence.
• Notice of Intent to Remove Asbestos Amendment  PDF
Revisions to a Previous Notice.
• Notice of Demolition  PDF
Required for the demolition of all structures (See also Fire Training Notice and Permit forms below).
• Application for Asbestos Containing Storage Facility  PDF
Required for storage of removed asbestos containing materials for more than 10 days.
• Quarterly Report for Annual Asbestos Notification  PDF
For reporting removed asbestos containing materials under an Annual Asbestos Notification.
• Annual Notice of Intent to Remove or Encapsulate Asbestos  PDF
Must be completed and submitted for projects where the sum total of all the asbestos removals from each vessel, structure, or installation in a calendar year is less than 80 linear meters (260 linear feet) on pipes of 15 square meters (160 square feet) on other facility components. This is mainly used for annual maintenance activities. Larger removals must be done by a Certified Asbestos Contractor that is required to submit a Notice of Intent to Remove or Encapsulate Asbestos.
• How to Properly Remove Cement Asbestos Board Siding  PDF
For cement siding
• How to Properly Remove Sheet Vinyl Flooring containing Asbestos  PDF
For Vinyl Flooring
• How to Properly Remove Spray-on "Popcorn" Ceilings  PDF
For popcorn ceilings

• Fire Training Notice for structural fire training in outside UGA areas  PDF
• Fire Training Permit for structural fire training in inside UGA/No Burn areas  PDF
• Fire Training Permit for non-structural fire training  PDF