SWCAA Fee Revision Proposal

SWCAA Fee Proposal - March 16, 2022

The Southwest Clean Air Agency (SWCAA) seeks comment on proposed fee revenue neutral changes to SWCAA's Consolidated Fee Schedule. The proposed changes would exempt sources from the requirement to pay emission fees if their combined potential to emit of criteria and toxic air pollutants is less than 10 tons per year. The emission unit fee will be increased for sources exempt from emission fees to make the change revenue neutral. The proposed changes would also change the gasoline dispensing facility fees from a registration fee and emission fee model to a registration fee and gasoline throughput fee model and set the fees at a level that would be revenue neutral and minimize the impact of the fee changes on individual gasoline dispensing facilities. This would result in a fee increase for higher throughput gasoline dispensing facilities and a decrease for lower throughput gasoline dispensing facilities in most cases. This change is needed as SWCAA updates permit emission factors when sources remove stage II vapor recovery equipment to ensure fees remain consistent from one station to another.

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SWCAA will hold a public informational meeting regarding these proposals by phone at 1-800-356-8278 Code: 576617 on April 19th at 6 pm. Comments must be submitted by April 21st. Your comments will be presented to SWCAA’s Board of Directors before a final decision is made. The proposed revisions to the Consolidated Fee Schedule will be considered for adoption at a hearing at SWCAA’s May 5th Board of Director’s meeting. Meeting information can be found at Board Meetings

Written comments may be submitted through this website  Submit Comment  or by mail to:

Southwest Clean Air Agency
11815 NE 99th St. Suite 1294
Vancouver, WA 98682