Air Toxic Reports

The Southwest Clean Air Agency has conducted some localized studies analyzing ambient air toxics in Vancouver and Longview, Washington. For more information about these studies, call the Southwest Clean Air Agency at 360-574-3058.

Air Toxic Study at St. Helens Elementary School

EPA found air toxics concentrations are below the levels of concern associated with health problems from short-term or long-term exposures to acetaldehyde, manganese, and nickel or other toxic metals. While the results confirm some impact from a nearby source, the monitored results are not as high as was suggested by the modeling data. Because no concentrations of concern were found, monitoring has been discontinued at the school. Read more about the study at

Results of the School Air Toxics study were presented at a public meeting at St. Helens Elementary School on March 15, 2011. Experts gave the following presentations:

Longview Air Toxics Report

Vancouver 2005 Ambient Air Toxics Monitoring Review