Southwest Clean Air Agency Staff

Our staff is responsible for air quality maintenance in Clark, Cowlitz, Lewis, Skamania, and Wahkiakum counties of southwest Washington. Call us at 360-574-3058.

Executive Director

Uri Papish
Executive Director, ext. 112

Office Administrator

Traci Arnold
Office Administrator II, ext. 111

Administrative Assistant

Christina Hallock
Administrative Assistant II, ext. 110


Heather Wavra
Records Clerk, ext. 116

Operations Staff

Jerry Ebersole
Operations Manager, ext. 122

Brian Fallon
Air Quality Specialist II, ext. 138

Duane Johnson
Air Quality Specialist II, ext. 114

Gerald Strawn
Air Quality Specialist II, ext. 113

Crystal Moore
Compliance Specialist I, ext. 132

Danielle Kreps
Air Quality Specialist I, ext. 115

Engineering Staff

Clint Lamoreaux
Air Quality Engineer III, ext. 131

Wess Safford
Air Quality Engineer II, ext. 126

John St.Clair
Air Quality Engineer II, ext. 127

Richard Chuprinko
Programmer/Net Admin I, ext. 137

Vannessa McClelland
Air Quality Engineer I, ext. 129

Danny Phipps
Air Quality Engineer I, ext. 124

Specific Topic

If you have a question on a specific topic, please consult our Subject Matter Index for the proper agency personnel to contact.