Proposed Agency Rule Making

Periodically SWCAA revises rules to be compliant with Federal and State regulation changes and may adopt more stringent local regulations. Proposed Rulemaking Activities are listed below:

SWCAA 400 - General Regulations for Air Pollution Sources
400-2021-1 VIEW DETAILS
Update reference to RCW 70A.15 for the Clean Air Act, update adoption of federal regulations, add definitions for diesel, distillate oil and New Source, include 2 chemicals EPA has delisted as VOCs, incorporate shartup/shutdown provision from WAC for SIP inclusion, add language for presumptive withdrawal of permit application for failure to respond, prohibition of cyclonic burn barrels, adoption of federal plan for sewage sludge incinerators and other incinerators, identify permit extension process, provide new section for use of credible evidence and information collection requests.