Air Quality Awareness - Clean and Healthy Clean Air Tips

Sunday, July 1, 2012 - You Can Help Keep the Air Cleaner and Your Family Healthier!

Because particle sources include vehicles and power plants, you can help reduce particle pollution by driving less, keeping your car well-maintained, and using less energy. Also, avoid using gas-powered lawn and garden equipment when particle levels are forecast to be high.

One important way to help reduce particle levels is to avoid burning leaves and trash. Although it may seem harmless, the smoke from your backyard fire could affect others around you, especially if they have heart or lung problems. Compost or mulch your yard waste if you can.

Did you know that particle pollution also can be a problem inside?

If you heat your home with wood, consider switching to an EPA-certified woodstove or fireplace insert, which are less polluting than uncertified models. Even the way you build your fire and the type of wood you burn can help keep smoke levels – and particle pollution – lower. Check out SWCAA's Woodstove Replacement Program and see if you qualify. Other ways to reduce indoor particles are to stop smoking inside and avoid burning candles. On days when particle levels are high, you can skip vacuuming. It puts more particles into the air!

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