Free Leaf Disposal Coupons Clean Air Tips

Thursday, September 29, 2016 - You can tell fall is in the air with the crisp mornings and cold evenings. This means the leaves are turning and starting to fall into our yards, streets and coating our neighborhoods. There are options for air friendly and healthy ways to dispose of those pesky leaves and other fall yard clean-up debris.

You can put leaves and yard debris in your recycle bin for pick up, chip it or compost it. If you have curbside recycling service in your neighborhood and have not signed up; now is the time. If you do not have curbside service, consider easy backyard composting, or haul the debris to your nearest recycling facility.

To help residents take care of the fallen leaves, the City of Vancouver is again offering Fall Leaf Coupons. Vancouver and Clark County Residents can redeem the free leaf disposal coupons beginning October 1 through December 31. Please note that this coupon is for LEAVES ONLY.

Get your coupon by clicking here

Call today to have your coupon mailed out; or stop by and pick one up at SWCAAs office. We are conveniently located close to H & H Wood Recyclers who is participating in this program. Other designated free leaf disposal sites are: City Bark, West Van Materials Recovery Center and Triangle Resources.

Remember no matter what option you choose, there are two things to keep in mind: (1) it is illegal to smoke out your neighbors, and (2) outdoor burning is permanently banned in urbanized areas (incorporated cities, suburbs and adjacent areas) throughout our region. If in doubt, call SWCAA at 360-574-3058 x 110.