SWCAA Wood Stove Replacement Program SWCAA News

Tuesday, August 14, 2018 - The Southwest Clean Air Agency (SWCAA) is pleased to announce that we are, once again, offering financial aid to property owners within the Vancouver Urban Growth Area (UGA) who wish to replace old freestanding wood stoves and wood-burning fireplace inserts which do not meet the state’s current emission standard for the devices. Those who are eligible for the program can receive up to $4000, in the form of an Instant Credit voucher, to aid in the replacement of their non-approved wood stove or insert.

In addition to the “replacement” program, SWCAA is also offering monetary payments to property owners who are willing to remove an old wood stove or fireplace insert, but do not need to replace it with anything (i.e., the home already has another source of heat which will replace the removed stove). Participants in this “bounty” option of our wood stove program will receive a payment of $350 for removing and delivering their non-approved heating device to the participating metal recycler in Vancouver.

Through this program, SWCAA will also be providing low-income residents in the UGA, who burn cord wood and do not have the ability to complete a “replacement” at this time, an outdoor wood drying rack and cover.

For program details see our web site at www.swcleanair.org/ws