SWCAA 400 - General Regulations for Air Pollution Sources400-2022-1

Reason/Description for Change: Update definitions, update incorporation by reference of federal regulations, revise explanations of application and registration fees, move NSR applicability citations for coffee roasters, add minor registration and permitting exemptions, clarify source description in selected sections, revise emission test report requirements, revise permit application completeness criteria, revise NSPS adoptions, revise severability language, and make minor administrative edits.

CR-101 Filing No: None
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State SEPA Register Date: 9/23/2022
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Staff Contact Name: Wess Safford
CR-102 Filing No: WSR 22-19-080
CR-102 Date Filed: 9/20/2022
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CR-102 Rule Support Text: None
Web Public Notice Date: 9/20/2022
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CR-102 Public Comment Start Date: 9/20/2022
CR-102 Public Comment End Date: 11/30/2022
CR-102 Public Hearing Date: 11/30/2022
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