SWCAA Burn Ban Notice Subscription Details

What is it?

The SWCAA Burn Ban Notice Subscription provides you with timely notices when Burn Bans are called. An E-mail or SMS Text (cell) message is sent to all subscribers when a Burn Ban is in effect:

  • Air Pollution Advisories
  • Air Quality Burn Bans
  • Fire Safety Burn Bans

Why did we create this Service?

SWCAA had a limited notice service provided by a 3rd party service that only included burn ban and air quality notices. The service company was sold and the new company's service did not meet our communications needs therefore we created our own service. An E-mail or SMS Text (Cell phone) message is sent to our subscribers whenever SWCAA invokes a Burn Ban action of interest to you. The Notice message contains details of the action or provides a reference to a SWCAA web page where additional information may be obtained.

Who can benefit from this Service?

The Notice Service is available to all citizens and business concerns in Clark, Cowlitz, Lewis, Skamania, and Wahkiakum counties in southwest Washington State. People outside of these areas may subscribe if they have an interest in SWCAA Burn Ban Notices. Feel free to let your friends, relatives, and neighbors know of this service.

How does it work?

An interested citizen/business subscribes to the service:

  • You visit our Burn Ban Notice Subscription home page and click the Subscribe button. On the page that appears you supply your contact information, how you want to be notified, and select the alert  categories of interest to you.
  • Click the Subscribe button
  • Your information and selections are added to our subscription list (note that we do not release this information to anyone. Rest assured that we treat your information as highly confidential and is only used by SWCAA to send notices)
  • You are sent an E-mail message that confirms we received your application
  • You must activate your subscription by clicking on the link included in the confirmation E-mail
  • Read the message and click the link or cut and paste it into your web browser to activate your subscription
  • If you don't activate your subscription you will not receive any notices and you may receive additional E-mail from SWCAA to encourage you to activate your subscription
  • When your subscription is marked active you will begin receiving future SWCAA Burn Ban Notices
We use this subscription method to:
  • Provide a secure means of subscribing to the service
  • Ensure that you are the one subscribing to the service
  • Ensure that we don't send notices to those who didn't subscribe

How do I change my subscription?

If you want to change your contact information, password or alert selections:

  • Visit our Burn Ban Alerts subscription page at Burn Ban Notice Subscriptions
  • Login to the service using your E-mail address and password
  • Select the action you want to perform from the links in the action box
    • Update My Selections: Permits you to change your subscription selections
    • Unsubscribe Me: Permanently removes your account from our subscription files
    • Logout: Disconnects you from the Burn Ban Notice subscription page

A SWCAA Burn Ban Alerts subscription provides you with timely notices of burn bans.